Elle S.A Jan

What caught my eye in the ELLE Jan Mag was the “Jozi Maboneng” photo shoots. SA designers and AFI Fashion Award winners join forces in Poppy Evans’ fashion shoot, ‘Jozi Maboneng.’ Designers from across the continent meet in Soweto to celebrate African fashion in all its colourful variety.

The photo shoot as a whole is just so breath taking and I must say that Sharleen is just so stunning and beautiful she has given so much life to the garments.
The printed skinny pants by Ituen Basi remind me of a news paper printed dress that my mother used to wear aloooooong loooooong time ago.
Big up to African Designers, all those garments are a totally must-have. *wishing for a fairy godmother that can grant me thousand fashion wishes, so I get all those beautiful garments*

Catch this photo shoot on http://www.elle.co.za

Photographs: Ross Garrett at Lampost
Hair: Kevin Epstein using Naturalmente
Make-up: Lesley Whitby using M.A.C
Model: Sharleen at G3
Shot on location at Bara Market, Soweto
Behind-the-scenes images: Penny
Designers: Pichulik, Deola Sagoe, Ituen Basi, Gavin Rajah, Marianne Fassler, Ida Elsje, Loin Cloth & Ashes, Taibo Bacar


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