Ituen Basi

The Ituen Basi brand is a celebration of individuality and feminism, a stylish
combination of timeless elegance with
a contemporary twist.

Ituen Basi completed a BA Theatre Arts degree at the University of Ife in Nigeria where she also designed and tailored costumes and garments for stage productions and beauty pageants.

Following her time at university, Ituen
deepened her knowledge and
formalized her experience in the
fashion industry by studying at the
acclaimed London College of Fashion.
Ituens education and experience have
helped her develop a blend of
exceptional skills in design
development, pattern engineering and
bespoke tailoring. Her unique approach produces exceptional but wearable art pieces which are contemporary expressions of enduring sophistication.
Her message remains consistent across each exclusive collection– its in the detail.

Apart from designing and producing
garments under her label, Ituen also
runs a garment manufacturing unit
which produces small runs for
independent designers, micro fashion
businesses based both in Nigeria and
the UK. The new collection stays true to the essence of the Ituen Basi label – an ultra feminine silhouette with dresses skimming the body and hems grazing the knee. The streamlined collection belies the intricate craftsmanship synonymous with the label. Each piece is designed to stand-alone or complement another. The cut, fit and complementing soft tailoring ensure the garments move with flattering fluidity.

Catch Ituen Basi at:


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