4 Ways to revamp your style

4 Ways to revamp your style

When I started my new job, I knew it was time to revamp my wardrobe. I have always wanted to clear out my wardrobe and start fresh, now this was my chance.
Oh yeah!!!
These are the steps I followed, hope you will fine them helpful and useful on your journey to finding YOUR Style.

1. Define your style
This was and is still the hardest for me. I’m on that journey of finding My TRUE style and what best suits me. I love anything classic and vintage. For a doze of inspiration I follow Carrie Bradshaw style *sex and the city*, Solange knowles, Wendy *www.wendyslookbook.com*, Serena Van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf *gossip girl* and when “my stylist” can’t help I browse fashion magazines and blogs.
If you are having a hard time defining your style, write a list of the clothes you love and cut out pictures of your fashion icons. Create a look book for your style. Start dressing like your icons and building a wardrobe similar to what they wear. You can also check out the “what is my style poll” under the stylist category. Happy Style Hunting.

2. Re-Organising
I first had to defining my style so I would have a clear picture on how to sort the clothes.
I sorted the clothes and shoes according to which clothes are going to the charity house and which clothes are staying.
The charity clothes: clothes that I haven’t worn in the past year, and clothes that don’t suit/fit me anymore.
The clothes that go back into the wardrobe: clothes that I wear often, clothes that defining my style and clothes that I still have to DIY.

3. DIY/Shopping
After I had defined my “style likes”, re-organised my wardrobe and finished creating the Look Book with all the information I needed to build my new style. I then looked through my wardrobe to see which items needed to be DIYed and what needed to be bought, I didn’t buy all the items at once *wish I could but daddy is no Bill Gates* girly giggles.
When I go shopping I always make a list and make sure I stick to my budget. (BEFORE I do some serious shopping, I always go a day before for some window shopping to see where can I get some bargains and then the next day I wake up super early to do some serious shopping . . I’m a sucker for bargains.)

4. Wardrobe essential
After I was done with the Look Book and looked through my wardrobe to see which fashion items I had to buy and which could be DIYed.
My list (things to buy):
Denims (High waist, Skinny etc)
Pants (scotch, black and bold colours etc)
Tops (girly prints, peplum etc)
Shirts (Peter Pan collar, bow tie)
Dress (long, short)
Skirts (pencil skirts)
Shoes (heels, boots, flats)
Accessories (bags, jewelry)

Hope this tips were of much help.

Style with a purpose.


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