1 Dress – 3 Looks

Janes-Elizabeth Koyze’s Range is out, it hit the Mr Price shelves (selected stores) and the online shop this monday.

Check out the 3 ways we styled the bodycon skirt and let us know what you think.

1 Dress - 3 Looks

5 Styling Tips for a blue Peplum dress

5 Styling Tips for a blue Peplum dress

I choose this Blue Peplum dress to style and here are the styling tips below:

1. The gold neck piece balances the outfit, as blue is a cool colour and gold is a warm colour, when I mix the two it creates a balance to the outfit.

2. I then added a touch of red, the red shoes are the statement “piece” in this outfit. I opted to go for red as its a wild colour unlike normal black shoes.

3. The hand piece is just a little decor to the whole outfit, that is why I added a small piece and not a big or large hand piece.

4. With the clutch bag, I took this blue and black bag because it blends in with the outfit. It doesn’t create any unbalance in the outfit.

5. The gold belt is simple and classy, it adds onto the theme “gold”: Gold hand and neck piece.

5 Ways how to choose clothes that flatter you skintone

5 Ways how to choose clothes that flatter you skintone

Finding clothes that flatter you skin tone can be so frustrating. You have a lot of unworn clothes in your closet because they never seem to look good on you. You wake up early every morning to try on 10 million outfits but you never get it right lol some days you do get it and some days you just miss it.

Try the skin tone test to know your skin tone and stop shopping around for clothes you are never going to wear. The test will give you a clear idea on what type of colours your should wear.

1. Wash your face with warm water.
Your face needs to be completely clean of any makeup. Once you are done do not rub your face with a towel just pat it, with a towel to dry. Rubbing will cause friction to the face and it will be hard to determine whats you skin tone. After you have dried your face do not moisturizer or tone.

2. Wait about 10 to 15 minutes. This allows time for your face to recover from the warm water temperature.
We are now done with the tests and its time to find what clothes will flatter your
skin tone.

3. Stand in front of a mirror where you have a clear vision of your up body. Make sure you are in an area that is full of natural light, shadows can affect the appearance of your skin’s coloring.

4. Test
There are a few methods that you can use to determine your skin tone. We will have a look at them one at the time.

*The Gold and Silver test

Cut a gold and a silver cloth, if you don’t have cloth you can use jewelery. Take turns holding the gold and the silver, to your face. Take note of the effect of the reflection on the look of your skin. The correct colour for your skin will give you a healthy, glowing look. The wrong colour will give you a gray and sickly look. If the gold is right for you, you have a warm skin tone. If the silver is right for you, you have a cool skin tone.

*White Test

Hold a piece of white cloth/paper to your face. Take note of your skin’s tone in contrast to the white. If it looks yellow or golden, then you have a warm skin color. If it looks pinkish, you have a cool tone.

* Wrist Test

Hold your wrists out let it face sunlight. If your blood vessels seem to be greenish in color, you have a warm tone. If they appear to have a bluish tint, you have a cool skin tone.

* Ear Test

Ask someone to assist you, have them pull your ear forward and look behind your ear in natural light. If they see a yellow tone, you have a warm skin tone. A pinkish tone shows, that you have a cool tone.

5. Results

We are now done with the tests and its time to find what clothes will flatter your skin tone.

Warm skin tones are the more warmer and richer colours: yellows, oranges, browns, yellowish greens, warm reds…

Cooler skin tones are the more cooler colours: blues, greens, pinks, purples, blue-greens…

Please Note: if you have any skin problems I would recommend you do the wrist or ear test, for clear and accurate results.

4 Ways to revamp your style

4 Ways to revamp your style

When I started my new job, I knew it was time to revamp my wardrobe. I have always wanted to clear out my wardrobe and start fresh, now this was my chance.
Oh yeah!!!
These are the steps I followed, hope you will fine them helpful and useful on your journey to finding YOUR Style.

1. Define your style
This was and is still the hardest for me. I’m on that journey of finding My TRUE style and what best suits me. I love anything classic and vintage. For a doze of inspiration I follow Carrie Bradshaw style *sex and the city*, Solange knowles, Wendy **, Serena Van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf *gossip girl* and when “my stylist” can’t help I browse fashion magazines and blogs.
If you are having a hard time defining your style, write a list of the clothes you love and cut out pictures of your fashion icons. Create a look book for your style. Start dressing like your icons and building a wardrobe similar to what they wear. You can also check out the “what is my style poll” under the stylist category. Happy Style Hunting.

2. Re-Organising
I first had to defining my style so I would have a clear picture on how to sort the clothes.
I sorted the clothes and shoes according to which clothes are going to the charity house and which clothes are staying.
The charity clothes: clothes that I haven’t worn in the past year, and clothes that don’t suit/fit me anymore.
The clothes that go back into the wardrobe: clothes that I wear often, clothes that defining my style and clothes that I still have to DIY.

3. DIY/Shopping
After I had defined my “style likes”, re-organised my wardrobe and finished creating the Look Book with all the information I needed to build my new style. I then looked through my wardrobe to see which items needed to be DIYed and what needed to be bought, I didn’t buy all the items at once *wish I could but daddy is no Bill Gates* girly giggles.
When I go shopping I always make a list and make sure I stick to my budget. (BEFORE I do some serious shopping, I always go a day before for some window shopping to see where can I get some bargains and then the next day I wake up super early to do some serious shopping . . I’m a sucker for bargains.)

4. Wardrobe essential
After I was done with the Look Book and looked through my wardrobe to see which fashion items I had to buy and which could be DIYed.
My list (things to buy):
Denims (High waist, Skinny etc)
Pants (scotch, black and bold colours etc)
Tops (girly prints, peplum etc)
Shirts (Peter Pan collar, bow tie)
Dress (long, short)
Skirts (pencil skirts)
Shoes (heels, boots, flats)
Accessories (bags, jewelry)

Hope this tips were of much help.

Style with a purpose.

Be a fashion DIY Diva

Be a fashion DIY Diva

5 Ways How to be a Fashion DIY Diva

I’m a proud Fashion DIY FREAK… oh yes I said it. I love fashion DIY, I always carry a sewing kit in my bag, that is just how much sewing means to me.

The DIY saga began when I was a youngster and fashion became part of my life. I got my first sewing machine from my favourite person in the world “MY MOTHER”. My mother is also a DIY lover but I guess she never really had the time for small sewing projects but she would sew a button there and there and mend those torn pants, you know the little things that mothers do.

One thing I have to give her credit for is her love for reading. She invested her money in a lot of sewing patterns and sewing books. *thank god* Cause those books and patterns helped me learn how to sew.

I’m a self proclaimed Fashion DD (DIY DESIGNER)

I have listed the most important items that helped me graduate from “DD College”


1.      Equipment and starter packer

        Sewing machine

        Glue gun

        Sewing Kit:



A box of pins

Tape measure


Marker or chalk

A thread unpick


2.      Inspiration

I believe that inspiration can be found anywhere.

        Magazines (my favourite Magazine: True Love, Glamour, ELLE, Seventeen)


        Festivals (now festivals are the places to draw inspiration, you find all kind of people with different dress code, mind set. aaaaaaa  Just imagine all the inspirations that surrounds you at that stage)

        Nature (trees, flowers, mountains etc)

        Communication (talking to friends and brainstorming)



3.      Jot your ideas

        It’s always good to write down an idea somewhere. When you have found an inspiring DIY project to do, jot it down in your journal and plan: what material are you going need, how much will it cost, where will you get the material from etc. When you have jotted down a draft sketch of the DIY project it will be easier to know what the end product of the project will look like and what are the necessary materials that need to be bought.


4.      Material

Collect as many cheap materials as you can get. The best place you get cheap DIY material is the flea markets, the fabric shops, the Good Will, yard sales, china town*lol, you can find anything at china town*.









5.      TIME and PLANNING

I believe we have covered what we need to be a professional DD. Now, that we have the ingredients in order we need to look at the most important factors: TIME and PLANNING.

Make TIME.  Make time for all your projects so that you are able to finish them and don’t have unfinished projects.

PLAN PLAN PLAN. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  As simple as that.


*fashion with a purpose*