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1 Dress – 3 Looks

Janes-Elizabeth Koyze’s Range is out, it hit the Mr Price shelves (selected stores) and the online shop this monday.

Check out the 3 ways we styled the bodycon skirt and let us know what you think.

1 Dress - 3 Looks

C.U.T Fashion show

CUT FASHION SHOW Last week friday, I had the opportuinty to head to C.U.T’s 3rd Year Fashion Show. The event was nice and well planned out. Big ups to the designers, there is just so much talent out here. Slide2 Slide3 Slide4 Slide5 Slide6 Slide7 Slide8 Slide9 Slide10 Designer: Carey Mabine Model: Tumi Slide39 Designer: Joanie with fellow 3rd year designers Slide40 Designer: Mmabatho Model: Tumi Slide41 Models: Tumi and Shazz Slide42 Designers: Mmabatho and Luu Model: Tumi and Shazz Slide43 Model: Malefu Slide44 Designer: Nolundi “Luu” Slide45 Designer: Mmabatho Slide46

Thabo Makhetha Collection

Born in Lesotho, Thabo Makhetha grew up in Jo’burg and has lived in various cities including Mafikeng, Pietermaritzburg, Cape Town and now Port Elizabeth. These vibrant cities have contributed to the many diverse influences found in her style and clothing.

Has had a flair for fashion from a young age. Makhetha started sewing and designing ball dresses for her peers through out high school.

Catch more of Thabo at: http://www.thabomakhethadesigns.co.za

Thabo Makhetha Collection





Coco cola light

Marc Jacob’s Coca Cola campaign has left me speecless…

The campaign is so playful and fashionable. You would swear they were campaigning a summer collection. The campaign has caught my attention and as a non-light drinker it has really got me thinking “maybe I should try Co-co light”.. Just maybe

Coca-Cola explained the range will
“capture the rise of female
empowerment through the Eighties,
Nineties and Noughties,”.

The Marc Jacob’s Coco-Cola light cans, 500ml and 2L are available in store.

Do get yourself a taste of fashion, hmmmm… *the queens accent*

Shoe DIY

This is a shoe DIY by Orefile Malebo, for the Apara Social Enterprise for Somafco Trust Competition..

This is an amazing DIY and we at Treasured Style wishing her all the best for this competition.

If you ever need your shoes to be covered and revamped call: 073 407 5682.. Or email her at: Orefile.malebo@gmail.com